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January 08, 2009


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Seems to me the choice doesn’t have to be Goals: Yes or No. As he says, people who get things done ... have goals. They set them realistically, and then they do their best. They take what comes, but don’t accept defeat. They reprioritize. As a result, they don't need to make many excuses. Hopefully they can either make a ruckus and have some fun anyway, or better yet, they can incorporate that right into the goals, so they also feel they are spending time doing what matters right in most, if not all of the moments in which they are living.


Hello Mr. Todhunter,

Seems to me goals are great for getting things done and creating motivation. But I've been slowly learning the process of enjoying when my goals get accomplished and coupling patience and encouragement when they don't get done.

I found your blog the other day and want to visit as often as I can. I'm motivated by creativity and idea generation...so I enjoy your posts.

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James Todhunter

Great feedback, folks! Personally, I find goal setting a very valuable tool. I set and review goals frequently--both small goals (i.e. need to get this item done for the week) and big goals (like "I am going to develop a game changing technology to revolutionize this market!"). I think Ellis said it very well. Accept what comes; don't accept defeat; reprioritize. All important aspects of keeping your sanity when planing big hairy audacious goals.

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Hi James
Your blog is so nice and innovative too.Goals are meant for getting things done and creating motivation.
Waiting for your new blog.

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