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May 03, 2007


Chuck Yorke

You've got it! Establishing an innovation practice as a core discipline that is employed every day at every level of the organization is the key. It also needs to be expanded thoughout the supply chain.


Well I mostly agree with you. But do you really think that there is something like a "best practice"!?? I`m not sure if there is. Establishing an environmet which is able to foster innovation is harder than it sounds. It has always to integrate corporate learning to be sustainable. Management decisions are mostly based on current needs, which of course is a problem. But it is understandable in many cases. I have posted an article on dynamic capabilities (dataorange.de) which may explain better what I`m trying to say and might be interesting to read.

my best regards,

James Todhunter

Hello, D.T.

Yes, there are most definitely well understood best practices for innovation. Of course, you are pointing out another related issue which is how to deploy such best practices in an enduring and sustainable manner. Any major shift in an organization’s ethos requires proper change management. It also requires executive management commitment and an understanding of the transformative nature of the change. This is as true about moving from being an accidental innovation organization to a high performance innovator as it is of any organizational sea change. But with the commitment and follow through, tremendous results are attainable.


Well I guess you are right. I need to explain better what I was trying to say.
There is no doubt that there is a "best practice" in the sense of: "proven strategies which are more likely to provide an innovation enhancing climate". The problem is that these strategies often lead managers to the tempting assumtion that once applied to their company success is guaranteed - without thinking about own innovation resources. I know that this is their own fault, but isn`t a "best practice" just too tempting and disregarding the - transformating nature of change - ??? To me it sounds a bit like the wrong mantra. You may believe in it, but it doesn`t help anyone to really "get it".

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