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May 15, 2007


Lauchlan Mackinnon

Hi James,

You might find it interesting to relate your very pertinent insights insights to the Wallas Stage Model of creativity which describes creative 'aha' insights as related to preceding stages of preparatory work and internalisation and incubation and subsequent stages of validation and elaboration. See https://lauchlanmackinnon.blogspot.com/2007/01/wallas-and-wertheimer-models-of.html for a short discussion if interested.


Lauchlan Mackinnon

James Todhunter

Hello Lauchlan,

This is a very astute observation. As you point out, the Wallas model suggests that there are antecedent stages in the mental process that are passed through before the aha moment of insight. I would also assert that the process is aided when the thinker is provided with more relevant information for consideration. It is the reorganization of this information that is a big part of the incubation phase. Would you agree with this?

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